Summer is quickly approaching and we know these heatwaves are no joke. When it comes to Summer fashion, I am always looking for something that looks stylish but won’t be uncomfortable to wear in this heat. Our Summer Breeze Maxi was a huge hit the first time, which is why we decided to restock them but in different colors. Our Summer Breeze is the perfect piece for the summer because of its lightweight stretchy material and it doesn’t attract the heat and falls nice on any body type. The best parts of this maxi is the adjustable straps and pockets. The adjustable straps are a great addition to this maxi  because it allows you to decide how low or high you want your dress to fit and what lady doesn’t love pockets on their dress. Pockets are ultimately what convinces me to purchase an item and you can carry your phone or even your favorite lip gloss without having to carry a purse. Now, this maxi can also be transitioned into the Fall season by adding a sweater, denim jean jacket, cardigan, blazer and/or your favorite scarf.  You can pair it with flats and/or your favorite tennis to give your look daytime longevity. When I am looking to purchase an item, I always ask myself can I wear this item more than one way? I can guarantee you this maxi dress can be styled in multiple ways and it will always be a classic staple piece in your wardrobe.